Pools are a grouping of related virtual servers. Pools will typically reference virtual servers on BIG-IP LTM systems. The pool we create below will be later referenced by a Wide-IP (FQDN). For more information on pools, please refer to the link below.

More information on BIG-IP DNS Pools

On gtm1.site1 navigate to: DNS ›› GSLB : Pools : Pool List


On gtm1.site1 Create a Pool of LTM Virtuals according to the following table:

Field Value
Name www.example.com_pool
Type A
member isp1_site1_www.example.com_tcp_https_virtual
member isp2_site2_www.example.com_tcp_https_virtual

TMSH command to run on only gtm1.site1:


tmsh create gtm pool a www.example.com_pool { members add { site1_ha-pair:/Common/isp1_site1_www.example.com_tcp_https_virtual { member-order 0 } site2_ha-pair:/Common/isp2_site2_www.example.com_tcp_https_virtual { member-order 1 } } }