Class 2 - Next Generation DNS Services

The lab section for this class will cover the following topics:

  1. Transparent Cache
  2. DNS Express with a Hidden Master
  3. DNSSec
  4. Validating Resolver
  5. RPZ
  6. URL Categorization

The lab environment consists of BIG-IPs along with Linux hosts interacting with DNS Servers.

The F5 device is directly connected to the internet.

Below is a lab diagram and connectivity information:


Lab Components

The following table lists VLANS, IP Addresses and Credentials for all components:

Component VLAN/IP Address(es) Credentials
  • Management:
  • External Self:
  • Internal Self:
Ubuntu Desktop
  • Management:
  • External:
Ubuntu server
  • Management:
  • Internal:

Follow these steps to get your lab started:

Follow the instructions in your lab email to log into the F5 Unified Demo Framework (UDF) where your lab is hosted.

The UDF provides both ssh, TMUI (Web Interface) and a Web Shell access to each component in the lab. No RDP is required for this lab.

For simplicity, its suggested to use the Web Shell in a browser and not the native SSH interface as the latter requires an additional step of setting up ssh keys.